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Memories Group

Founded in April 2018, the Albion Rovers Memories Group was the 31 st to be founded. Airdrie was the 32nd! This SFA initiative, in conjunction with Alzheimer Scotland, was set up to bring fans of football clubs together to reminisce about the good times and occasional bad times of the team they support.  

The aims of football memory groups are to tackle loneliness, social isolation and to fend off the onset of memory loss by bringing older fans together on a regular basis for a chat about Rovers players, managers and matches. Our group meets every third Friday of the month from 1.30 to 3 or whenever we stop talking.

Over the years we have had visits from former heroes such as Scott Chaplain, John Dillon, Bernie Fagan and Jim Deakin, all of who have entertained the group with their memories of playing for the Rovers. The memories group spent many a meeting in picking the greatest ever Rovers team and player and choosing the best Rovers manager to lead them to glory. The group have also discussed and voted on nominations for the club’s Hall of Fame. We also have enjoyed a great day out at the SFA Museum at Hampden where the staff treated the group to a conducted tour of the museum with an emphasis on Albion Rovers related items.

 The meetings reflect a game of football, 45 minutes of chat, followed by half time for a tea/coffee/Bovril washed down by a Christie’s pie and then the second half filled with yellow and red memories. Why don’t you come along and join us our Community Trust sponsored memories group – you’ll enjoy the blether, the pie and be made be most welcome.

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