Search Policy

Albion Rovers Football Club

Search Policy

· The policy of the Directors of Albion Rovers Football Club is to achieve and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, the highest standards of safety for spectators and to conduct the clubs activities with appropriate safeguards against exposing the General Public to risks to their health and safety while visiting Cliftonhill Stadium.

· As a result, Bag searches are required for everyone entering the stadium on match days. This should include employees, contractors, teams, media and official guests, as well as the paying public.

· We would ask everyone entering Cliftonhill stadium to adhere to searches when requested.

· Failure to allow stewarding staff to carry out a bag search could result in entry to the ground being refused.

· Any prohibited items will be confiscated, and Police Scotland may be informed.

Terry Gillooly

Safety Officer

Issue 3

February 2020