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Dumbarton 1-1 Albion Rovers

Dumbarton 1-1 Albion Rovers

By Connor Ryan

Albion Rovers starting XI: 1. Jack Leighfield 21. Liam Fagan 22. Luke Graham 4. Ayrton Sonkur 12. Ewan Wilson 6. Kyle Fleming 8. Jamie Leslie 3. Blair Malcolm 7. Callum Wilson 11. Charlie Reilly 18. Kieran Dolan

Subs: 2. Adam Fernie (replaced Liam Fagan on 58’) 9. Scott Roberts 10. Michael Paton (replaced Kieran Dolan on 68’) 14. Amaury Testa 15. Devan McColl 16. Barry Duncan (replaced Blair Malcolm on 69’) 17. Christopher Smith 19. Max Wright

Dumbarton starting XI: 1. Brett Long 12. Aron Lynas 5. Gregor Buchanan 6. Stuart Carswell 23. Martin McNiff 22. Ryan Blair 18. Finlay Gray 9. Ally Love 7. Kalvin Orsi 99. John Gemmell

Subs: 2. Ryan McGeever 3. Gregg Wylde 8. David Wilson 10. Michael Garrity (replaced Ross MacLean on 74’) 14. Joe Mckee (replaced Ally Love on 74’) 15. Declan Byrne (replaced John Gemmell on 17’) 21. Harry Broun 32. Ryan Wallace (replaced Kalvin Orsi on 68’)

Rovers managed to put in a gutsy performance as they battled out a point a piece with league leaders Dumbarton.

A Charlie Reilly goal just five minutes into the game got Rovers off to a flyer although it wouldn’t be long until Stuart Carswell’s spot kick was converted in the 18th minute to tie the game up at Dumbarton’s Football Stadium.

First Half

The first big chance of the game would come to Rovers as Charlie Reilly’s free kick was smashed into the wall, resulting in a ricochet off the post.

Charlie Reilly would find his goal in just the 5th minute of the match to put Rovers 1-0 up as his brilliant strike gave him his 6th of the season, keeping him at the top of the Rovers scoring charts.

Dumbarton’s first big chance of the game wouldn’t come until the 18th minute mark, and sadly for Rovers it would be the equaliser as Stuart Carswell converted his second penalty against Rovers this season by sending Leighfield the wrong way.

It looked as though Dumbarton may have doubled their lead through substitute and former Rover’s striker Declan Byrne just after the half hour mark, but he was deemed to have handled the ball in the build-up resulting in the goal being disallowed.

Rovers were then involved in some controversy just before the break as a scramble in the box appeared to find its way over the line to give Rovers the lead, but this wasn’t given resulting in the teams being level at half-time.

Second Half

It would be Rovers again to have the first chance of the half as a free kick floated in by Charlie Reilly found the head of Blair Malcolm, but he was unlucky as his effort went just by the post.

The first substitution for Rovers would see debutant Liam Fagan be replaced by Adam Fernie just before the hour mark.

A double substitution for Rovers would follow in the 67th minute as Blair Malcolm and and Kieran Dolan would be replaced by Barry Duncan and Michael Paton respectively.

Both sides would have slight chances for the remainder of the game, but none would come to fruition as both teams saw the game out for a deserved 1-1 draw for Rovers, with Dumbarton substitute Ryan Wallace being sent off after the full-time whistle.

Rovers now turn their attention to the second round of the Scottish Cup on Saturday as they face Glasgow University at the Excelsior Stadium.

Goal scorers: Charlie Reilly (ARFC) Stuart Carswell (DFC)

Bookings: Luke Graham (yellow) Ewan Wilson (yellow) Kyle Fleming (yellow) Charlie Reilly (yellow) Finlay Gray (yellow) Declan Byrne (yellow) Ryan Wallace (red)

Referee: Peter Stuart

Assistants: Chris Rae, Michael MacDermid

Attendance: 558

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