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Club Statement: 15/04/24

Club Statement: 15/04/24

An update from the Board of Directors: Recent vandalism at The Reigart Stadium.


We are totally dismayed at the acts of malicious vandalism that took place at The Reigart Stadium last night.

The paint cupboard was burst open, advertising boards ripped off and the tunnel hood was smashed up among other bits and pieces.

Our Garden of Remembrance was also sadly targeted.

If anyone has any information as to the identity of those responsible please notify Police Scotland and or contact the club.

We are sure all right minded people in the town will be disgusted by the actions of these individuals, and it is our hope that in the fullness of time we can open to the community without fear of vandalism.

It feels like we are trying to fight a losing battle. The club has been put into a difficult position and we are now being forced to further review our security at the ground.

This will incur a cost that the club can ill afford. 

Albion Rovers are a community club open to all. We have had supporters feel unsafe at our matches in recent times and this is simply not on.

The recent rise in antisocial behaviour at lower league football matches is not exclusive to ARFC and we share our frustration with our fellow clubs who have been affected by similar situations. 

We look forward to welcoming our supporters back to Cliftonhill tomorrow night for our Park’s Motor Group Lowland League match against champions East Kilbride. 

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped prepare the ground.

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