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Board update on B teams vote: 18/12/23

Board update on B teams vote: 18/12/23

Albion Rovers are deeply disappointed with the outcome of tonight’s Park’s Motor Group Lowland League guest club vote, which was cast 8-7 in favour of the continuation of B teams for the next two seasons, with the option of a third.

We voted no, and encouraged others to join us in putting supporters and common sense first.

This was a chance for the Lowland League to regain its sporting integrity within the pyramid, ensuring that the fifth tier next year and beyond would be made up of clubs who have earned their places on merit, and are all competing on a similar field and for the same purpose – to win promotion to the SPFL.

Instead, we, and our fellow member clubs, are now once again at odds with the majority of our supporters, who have no or little interest in watching their club play competitive fixtures against B teams.

We voted for the fans, not against them.

We voted for sporting integrity before (minimal) financial gain.

We voted to not compromise the Lowland League’s reputation, again.

We voted to boost the Lowland League’s perceived image and standing.

We voted to put smaller clubs first over the biggest in the country.

If the question of promotion to the SPFL from tier 5 comes up again, how can the Lowland League be taken seriously when it complains about the lack of a sufficient and fair trapdoor when we haven’t put sporting integrity first ourselves?

We respect the decision and outcome of tonight’s vote and can only apologise to our supporters, and the supporters of other clubs, who haven’t been put first.

Notes: One club did not attend the meeting and did not cast a vote. The general meeting still went ahead. All other non-colt member clubs then voted with the outcome 8-7.

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