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Board Update: 07/03/24

Board Update: 07/03/24

An update from the Board of Directors: Supporter conduct at Albion Rovers matches


Ahead of tomorrow night’s game, we would again like to remind all supporters that antisocial behaviour at Albion Rovers FC matches, home or away, is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

While the vast majority of our matches are viewed by our incredibly loyal fanbase, who conduct themselves properly, we regret that on some isolated occasions, including at a number of recent matches including Linlithgow Rose last Saturday, the actions of a small number of individuals has fallen way below the standards any reasonable supporter would expect.

The enjoyment of the many is currently being spoilt by the mindless, disrespectful and discriminatory behaviour of a minority – which is in turn tarnishing the reputation of our wonderful club.

We’d like to reiterate that, by far, the largest number of our supporters back the team responsibly and we thank them for this.

It is now at the point where we need to take firm and robust action as this behaviour will not be tolerated.

In response to these recent incidents, we have increased our stewarding numbers, which regrettably results in additional costs to the club, but we do feel it is necessary, and we’ve had supporters get in touch to say that they feel unsafe – this cannot be accepted. 

The Board of Directors have instructed our Safety Officer and our senior stewards to adopt a zero-tolerance approach.

All such behaviour is unacceptable and will result in any participants being ejected from the ground and, ultimately, being banned from attending Albion Rovers games, and further action being taken by the police authorities.

We have a clear idea of who the majority of the offenders are, so please be on notice that you have been warned, in a courteous and respectful manner, to desist from this behaviour.


Robert Cameron (interim chair)

Margaret Rizza

Hugh Morrison

Iain Mulholland

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