Rovers chat with Andrew Barrowman


IMG_9176_2Since signing for Rovers from full-time club Dunfermline Athletic in the summer, former Birmingham City and Scotland under 19’s internationalist Andrew Barrowman has had a bright start to his career at Cliftonhill, and we caught up with the 30 year old, following Rovers victory over Peterhead at the weekend.


We’re now ten games into the season, sitting joint third in the table, what’s your opinion on the season so far, on a club and on a personal level?

“So far, I think we have to be very pleased with the start we’ve made, but there has been a few games we could have perhaps taken more from so we all know that there is room for improvement, The biggest thing to come from our start it that it’s given the squad the belief that we’re capable of playing at this level and shown we’re able to compete with every team in the division on our day.”

“On a personal note, it was a difficult start after not taking part in any of the preseason games or training, but I feel I’ve been getting up to match fitness in the last three or four matches. I”m now looking to kick on and have a successful season.”


You’ve got three league goals to your name now this season, do you have a target that you usually like to aim for each season?

“Yes I always set myself a target at the start of every season, but I like to keep that to myself. As a striker it’s my job to score goals, although I also feel that I bring a lot more than just goals to the team.”
This is your first year as a part-timer, what else are you doing just now outwith football?

“I am currently working as a consultant for a football agency and I am really enjoying it so far.

Rovers have a fantastic home record – just two defeats since March – how important are the fans on a match day?

“The supporters are absolutely vital. I believe that our home form will be our biggest asset for whatever we go on to achieve this season. I think it’s fair to say the opposing teams don’t look forward to coming to Cliftonhill, we need to take advantage of that and the fans can have a bit part in doing that. With us enjoying such a good run of form – sitting near the top of the table – hopefully it can encourage more fans to turn up as it really does make a massive difference to the players on the park.”
Quick-fire questions
Team supported as a boy?

“I grew up supporting Rangers, but I used to go and watch a lot of my local team, Motherwell.”

What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

“I knew I wanted to be a footballer from an early age, probably when I started playing at boys club level at around seven years old. ”
Pre-match superstitions?

“I used to have a few when I was younger, as I’ve got older I don’t really pay as much attention to that stuff anymore.”
Pre-match meals?

“I always have chicken and pasta the night before a game and scrambled egg on toast the morning of the game.”
Best player you’ve played with and against?

“The best player I’ve played with would be with Christophe Dugarry, the French world cup winner at Birmingham, it was ridiculous what he could do with a ball. Best player against would have to be Davie Weir, he was so clever and it was as if he knew what I was going to do even before I did!”
Most embarrassing moment in a match?

“No one moment stands out, it’s never nice missing a sitter, but as a striker it’s all about learning how to deal with it and understand that it even happens to the best players in the world.”
Best chant you’ve ever heard?

“At Birmingham, the fans used to go really quiet before a substitute was make, then they’d start singing ‘who are you’ after the tannoy person announced the name. That was quiet funny when they did that it the beginning.”  

Would you want to get into management in the future?

“Yes I would, if you had asked me that a few years ago I’d have probably said no, but as I’ve gotten older it is something I am thinking about now. I was coaching Dunfermline under 20’s last season and I really enjoyed it so that has given me a bit of a buzz for it now. ”
Who is the best player in training?

“I’d probably have to go for Mark Ferry, he always works really hard and is a very good player.”
Who moans the most in the squad?

“This one is easy, Ally Love! To be fair to him he is a winner and just doesn’t like losing so it’s not a bad thing to be a bit of a moaner in my opinion.”
Who is the joker in the squad?

“There are a few jokers in the squad, Josh Mullin likes to always try wind people up, to be fair he takes a lot of stick as well. Ross Davidson is very funny although half the time he isn’t trying to be funny. The boys get a good laugh out of Ross with some of his statements.”
Funniest dressing room prank in your time at Rovers so far?

“There hasn’t really been any pranks as of it yet although it’s still early days, I will probably have to watch myself now after saying this!”