Stark Naked: Our interview with Assistant Manager Billy Stark

Assistant Manager Billy Stark reveals all in our latest Q&A. 









1. How did you feel last season went? 7

When the aim after promotion was to stay up, we’ve got to be absolutely delighted with the performance of the players last season. In terms of effort and commitment, there was nobody better. The determination to keep the Club in the Ladbrokes League One resulted in a terrific points total.
2. What are the aims for next season?
First and foremost we want to consolidate in the League and thereafter who knows where we can finish. Also, a nice cup run would be good too.
3. How disappointing was it to lose out on the play-offs by two points?
It was gut-wrenching for everybody at the club. If I’m honest, I think over the course of the season we probably deserved to get there.
4. You’re the assistant to Darren, what does your role entail and do you think you and Darren are a good match?
It’s been a pleasure to work with Darren, and I think along with the rest of the staff we’ve formed a good team. My main role as I see it, is to use my experience to help Darren in any way I can – it’s as simple as that!
5. Is one of you the good cop and the other the bad? 
No, I think that image is in the past, although players must respect the management and the decisions that are made and also the disciplines that are laid down.
6. You’ve had some high profile roles, if the opportunity came to go back to full-time football, is it fair to say you’d take it? 
Although I am enjoying my time at Rovers immensely, if the opportunity came about for a full-time role, it would be welcomed.
7. How have you enjoyed your time at Rovers and how does it compare to the other clubs you have worked at?
We’ve got a great bunch of lads at the Club who give the maximum at all times. That means we can really pull together and along with the loyal band of supporters enjoy the ride!
8. Who’s been the best player you’ve played with, against and coached?
I’m really lucky to have played with many of Scotland’s best players like Miller, McLeish, Strachan, McStay, McAvennie and many more. Best opponents were Platini and Dalglish. On the coaching side there have been many, but Paulo Di Canio stands out.
9. With the club growing rapidly over the past two years on the pitch, where do you see Albion Rovers in three years time? 
Difficult to say, but I think if we can show the ambition on and off the park then we can be really optimistic about the future.
10. Where do you see yourself – in terms of football – in three years time?
That’s an impossible question – 3 years! 3 weeks is a long time in football these days!
11. What do we need to do to go one step better this season and get into the play-offs?
Keep the solid defensive base, continue creating chances and improve our finishing!
12. Funniest moment of the 2015/16 season?
It would have to be when our kit man Jason falling on his behind in front of the dugout during a game at Clifftonhill.
13. Best in training?
The reason we’ve been relatively successful is the attitude and application at training, so I wouldn’t like to single anyone out.
14. Who is the worst dressed?
Well, I’d have to say that the Gaffer and the rest of the backroom staff (apart from me) still dress like they’re teenagers!!
15. Who moans the most in the squad?
That’s an easy one, Ally Love and Josh Mullin, but now they’ve gone the contenders are Mick, Paul Willis and the Gaffer has his moments! Oh, and the goalkeepers of course – they always moan!