SFP Community Initiative award for Albion Rovers FC

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 18.05.28Albion Rovers F.C’s. award from the SFP’s Community Initiative will assist the club create a community level quality mark club aiming to progress through the levels of quality mark. The objective is to give an existing one team club with no quality mark the opportunity to join a bigger club and develop the governance and sustainability of their team.  In-service coach education will be provided to the teams who come under this community club.  The new teams will begin playing at fun four level and will include the provision of girls’ football, which currently does not exist in the Coatbridge area.  An over-35s team will also be established which hopefully will have the potential to join the Central League and the club are also looking at building on an existing relationship between Key Housing and the Albion Rovers Supporters Trust to deliver disability football.  Tony McMinn, the club’s Engagement Officer commented that “Albion Rovers F.C. has never undertaken a project like this before and we hope this will make the football club into a real community hub. This initiative will be the catalyst for further community engagement through our soon to be established Charitable Trust.”

SFP Community Initiative award for Albion Rovers F.C.

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