RoverTalk with Ross Davidson


Team supported as a boy?

I still support Kilmarnock.

Best footballing advice?

Either “don’t give up over one persons opinion” or “don’t get too high when you’re winning or too low when you’re losing.”

Favourite player growing up?

Got a few players. As a kid from Kilmarnock my idols were James Fowler & Garry Hay, but my main one is Steven Gerrard.

What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

From a very young age me and my three brothers were all into football and constantly played everyday. I’d say about five years old.

What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are in football?

I’d say my strengths are my vision and passing. Weakness is my defensive side and heading but I feel like I’m improving a lot at those.

What clubs have you been at?

Kilmarnock and Albion Rovers have been my only clubs. I was also on loan at Airdrie for a month as well.

Pre-match meals?

Porridge in morning. Then either scrambled egg or pasta before hand.

Best player you’ve played with and against?

With would be either Alexi Eremenko or Sammy Clingan. Against, I’d say Ross Barkley or Lee Cattermole.

Most embarrassing moment in a match?

It actually happened last Tuesday night against Cowdenbeath. I thought we’d won the game 2-0 and it wasn’t until we got in the dressing room and the manager was speaking about our character to come back from a goal down and I then asked one of the boys next to me what he was talking about, he then broke it to me that Cowdenbeath scored just after half time when I was inside so didn’t see it.

Best moment in your football career so far?

Making my debut as a 16 year old for the club I always wanted to play for, and winning the title last season with Albion Rovers was one I’ll never forget.

Worst moment in your football career so far?

Not had too many bad moments, thankfully, but getting released by Kilmarnock was hard to take.

Would you want to get into management in the future?

Probably not, don’t think it’s for me.

Best player in training?

Alan Reid because he’s so consistent at everything he does.

Who moans the most in the squad?

Definitely myself, I constantly moan but I think it’s just down to me wanting to win. Ally Love and Mick Dunlop are close behind.

Who is the joker in the squad?

Ally love and Gary Fisher like to crack a few jokes.

Best dressed in the squad?

I’ll give it to Josh Mullin, he really tries hard.

Worst dressed in the squad?

That’ll be Blair Lochhead. Last team night out he turned up with his old mans gear on, it was horrible!

Funniest dressing room prank?

I once swapped a boy in our youth teams girlfriends number with our coaches number when he was training. We had a double session that day so he was at lunch texting his Mrs but it was actually the coach. I won’t repeat some of the things he said but it had everyone in tears.

Where would you like to be, in terms of football, in five years time?

I’d like to be playing at the highest level as possible. My main aim is to get back to full-time.