RoverTalk with Paul Archibald

boy Team supported as a boy?
  •   I have always supported Celtic.
What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?
  •   Probably around the age of 5 or 6 when I started playing for a team.
  What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are in football?
  • – I think my strengths are my pace and my ability to take players on. My main weakness would have to be the physical side of the game. My right foot isn’t very good either!
What clubs have you been at? 
  • I’d only ever played at boys club level before signing for Albion Rovers. The two teams I played for were Glenboig United and most recently Albion Rovers Under 19’s.
Pre-match superstitions?
  •  Right now I don’t have any pre-match superstitions but I’m sure I’ll develop some as I get older.
Pre-match meals?
  • Normally I’d just have toast or if it’s a Tuesday night game I’d have pasta.

Best player you’ve played with and against? 

It’s hard to pick a best player because since I’ve joined the squad all the guys have been brilliant. The best player I’ve played against has got to be El Bakhtaoui from Dunfermline.

Most embarrassing moment in a match?

  • The only one I can think of is against Forfar in February when I tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face with no-one around me. They even managed to fit it into the match highlights.

Best chant you’ve ever heard? 

  • There’s none that spring to mind
Would you want to get into management in the future? 
  •  To be honest I’ve not really thought about that yet, I’d just like to concentrate on my playing career for now.

Who is the best player in training? 

  •  Ross Dunlop

Who moans the most in the squad? 

  • That has to be Ally Love but I think that’s just because he loves to win – which is good.

Who is the joker in the squad? 

  •  Gary Fisher or Ally Love – they always have something to say.

Funniest dressing room prank? 

  • There hasn’t been many but in my first game as a trialist, John Gemmell told me that the boss wanted a word with me out on the pitch.  After 5 minutes of standing in the centre circle on my own, Tony came out only to tell me that Gemmell was winding me up and Darren never wanted to speak to at all – which was quite embarrassing at the time however I see the funny side now.
Where would you like to be, in terms of football, in five years time?
  • In five years time I’d like to be playing football on a full-time basis.