RoverTalk With Darren Young

Team supported as a boy?
Best footballing advice you’ve ever been given?
Play every game as if it’s your last.
Favourite player growing up?
Would have to be Roy Keane or Frank Lampard.
What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?
Since I could kick a ball, first started playing with a team at 6.
What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are in football?
Strengths would be my workrate, organising and passing. My weaknesses would be my pace and shooting.
What clubs have you been at?
Aberdeen for eight years, Dunfermline for five, Dundee for two years, Morton for a season, Alloa for three years and now Albion Rovers for two years.
Pre-match superstitions?
These always change, if we win I’d maybe wear the same boxers and watch, as well as go through the same routine as the week before. If we get beat I’d change it.

Pre-match meals?

Toast and Banana.

Best player you’ve played with?

Eoin Jess.
Best player you’ve played against?
Would have to be Laudrup, Scholes and Roy Keane.
Most embarrassing moment in a match?
At Aberdeen I warmed up for about ten or 15 minutes, sprinting up and down ready to go on, then the manager shouted me round and told me to sit down and put my brother Derek on instead.

Best chant you’ve ever heard?

Dunfermline fans used to sing to me and Derek “Young and Young they are well hung” I had a chuckle at that.
Best moment in your football career, so far?
Winning the League as a Player Manager last season.
Worst moment in your football career, so far?
Losing in the cup finals I’ve been lucky enough to play in.
How have you found management compared to playing?
It’s absolutely night and day. As a player you turn up train and leave. As the manager you’re getting everything organised and coordinating with the kit man, physio and other coaches. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it so far. It is hard work and a bit non stop but I love it. You’re always thinking and going over things in your head about training, games, set pieces etc. It’s so important to find anything to give the team that little advantage over your next opponent.

Who is the most skillful player in training?

Paul Willis or Ally Love
Best game you’ve been involved in?
The Clyde game to win the League last year. We were getting battered and 2-0 down. We made a couple of subs, changed formation, got back into the game and the rest is history.
Who moans the most in the squad?
That would go to Ross Davidson and Ally Love. It must be an Ayrshire thing

Who is the joker in the squad?

Gary Fisher
Best and worst dressed in the squad?
Most of the boys make the effort when it comes to the team nights-out, but the worst would have to be the Physio Jordan. Jordan needs to stop wearing extra small tight tops trying to show off his guns on the night-out’s.
Funniest dressing room prank?
At Aberdeen, the boys had started putting cups of water above the dressing room door and manager at the time, Ebbe Skohvdahl, just happened to walk through and got soaked . Thankfully he saw the funny side though.
Best thing about being at Albion Rovers?
We continue to punch above our weight and keep improving as a team. There is also a great spirit and togetherness within the squad.
What is your hidden talent?
I’m pretty good at Bikram Yoga. Keeps the old legs ticking over.
Who in the squad has the worst taste in music?
Ricardo or Blair Lochhead
Where would you like to be, in terms of football, in five years time?
I’d love to be managing in the English Premiership.