RoverTalk with Alan Reid

After Saturday’s trip to Dunfermline was put on hold due to a frozen pitch, we caught up with defender Alan Reid about life as a Rover.



Team supported as a boy
I supported Rangers as a boy, although I never really went to many games.

Best advice you’ve ever been given

Nothing will get given to you, you need to work hard for it.

Favourite player growing up

It would have to be Gazza (Paul Gascoigne), he was an absolute genius.

What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

 I grew up playing football every day of my life. My dad and brother were a massive influence on me.
What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are in football?
I would say my strengths are my defending, weakness would be the attacking side of my game.
What clubs have you been at?
Hibs and Hamilton
Pre-match superstitions?

I don’t know why but I always change my tubigrip for every game.

Pre-match meals

Poached egg and toast or toast & beans

Best player you’ve played with?

I played with James McCarthy when I was at Hamilton. He was only 15/16 at the time but his quality was unreal.

Best player you’ve played against?
Lee Wallace is the toughest test I’ve had in a rovers shirt. He is a machine and gets up and down the pitch all day.
Most embarrassing moment in a match

It’s got to be the own goal against airdrie a couple of weeks ago. I totally misjudged my header and it ended up in the back of our net.

Best chant you’ve ever heard?

The Rovers fans had a chant about big Larry Aquah that was pretty god, but I can’t quite remember the words.
Best moment in your football career, so far?
There’s been a few in a Rovers shirt – beating airdrie 7-2 and getting promoted through the play offs were up there, but it has got to be winning the league last season.
Worst moment in your football career, so far?
I done my cruciate ligament last year and missed the last few games. That was tough as I had played pretty much every game up to that point.
Would you like to get into management in the future?
No, management is not for me. Maybe some coaching but I don’t fancy being a gaffer.

Who is the most skilful player in training?

Big Gemmell likes to try a few flicks and tricks at training, along with Josh Mullin and Paul Willis.
If you could swap your position, where would it be and why?
I’d say striker. Everyone wants to score a few goals, but with my record I don’t think I’d make much difference.
Best game you’ve been involved in?
Either the 7-2 win over Airdrie 7-2 or the Rangers game at Ibrox. If a certain decision hadn’t gone against us then I think we would’ve held on for the win.
Who moans the most in the squad?
One hundred percent Ross Davidson. Every game, without fail, he’ll be arguing with somebody!!

Who is the joker in the squad?

Big Gemmell, Ally Love or Josh Mullin like a bit of banter in the dressing room.
Best and worst dressed in the squad?
Andrew Barrowman is always looking sharp on nights out, but Ally Love turned up in some rascal gear at training the other week. The boys gave him some well deserved stick
Funniest dressing room prank?
None Spring to mind but I’m sure that Ciaran Donnelly would’ve been the instigator.
Best thing about being at Albion Rovers?
It’s a community club. Everyone has been brilliant with me since I’ve been at the club.