Rovers and Me Fan Discussion

As part of a new series, we’ll be chatting to one of the clubs many passionate supporters, discussing their Rovers stories and what the club means to them.



Grant picture 2015

Name: Grant Cullen

When did you start supporting the Rovers?

I probably started going with my dad in about 1960, so when I was around eight years old.

How did you start supporting the Rovers?

I could hear the roar of crowd/refs whistle from my back door and in the 1960’s we, kids, were all into football – no iPads in them days. My dad used to take me to the games.

First Rovers game you attended?

It was a game against Arbroath at Cliftonhill on a cold winters day during the 60’s. We used to run onto the pitch as the players came out to get autographs (no stewards in those days). An Arbroath player, Dave Easson, signed my book and asked for my woolly hat as it was so cold!

Best player you’ve ever seen play for the Rovers

Jimmy Coughlin from the 1970’s.

Best moment supporting the club

Beating Airdrie 8-2 many years ago, but the 7-2 win of  a couple of seasons back was almost as good. Also, the cup tie at Ibrox a few years back  when ‘we wuzz robbed.’

Worst moment supporting the club

Losing 7-2 to Airdrie later on in the same season.

Favourite Rovers player of all-time

Tommy Sermanni.

Favourite Rovers player currently

Gary Fisher.

Funniest moment supporting the club

Too many. We had many great laughs in the past on the old supporters club bus to away matches.

Hopes for the rest of the season

Firstly, to avoid relegation, but also finish as high on the table as possible.

If you were to attempt to persuade someone to go down to Cliftonhill and start supporting the club, what would you say? 

Come and enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the fantastic football on display currently.

How would you describe your support for the club in three words?

Rovers, my team.




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