Rovers and Me: David Crichton

In the second part of our fan interview series, we chat with David Crichton about his love for the Rovers.

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1. Full name
David Maxwell Crichton

2. Years supporting Rovers?

49 (coincidentally my age also)

3. Roughly how many games have you been to?


4. Best player you’ve ever seen play for Rovers?

Kevin “Crunchie” McAllister

5. Best player you’ve ever seen against Rovers?

Don’t know

6. Best moment supporting the club?

The promotions and some cup wins were of course excellent but has to be the 7-2 demolishing of Airdrie United on 5th November 2011

7. Worst moment supporting the club?

When me and my late Father were ball sponsors of the League Cup match in 1993 when Rovers lost 11-1 to Partick Thistle in 1993, this is the clubs record defeat.

8. Favourite current player?

I’ll have to say Alan Reid who has been solid in defence and is now going to get a well deserved testimonial.

9. Favourite all-time player?

Ray Franchetti

10. Funniest moment supporting the club?

The time at Cowdenbeath when fan (now supporters trust representative on the board) Ronnie Boyd heeded an announcement to move his car was most amusing. His car radio told him Rovers went a goal down whilst shifting it and he came back in to find out, that not only was that this was wrong, but Rovers had actually scored 3 goals in that short period.

11. If you were to describe your support for Rovers in three word, what would they be?

Till I die!

12. First Rovers game you remember?

I don’t have the best memory so can’t really answer this one.

13. Hopes for the this season?

Safety in league 1 will do just fine – it’d be nice to beat Airdrie at least once next season though.

14. How you started supporting the Rovers?

Went with my Dad, started when I was still in my pram.

15. If you were to attempt to persuade someone to go down to Cliftonhill and start supporting the club, what would you say?

Friendly atmosphere, decent banter and entertainment.