Rovers and Celtic to do their bit to fight cancer

13902133_10153654807541109_1719021915_oThe Beatson Cancer Charity is one that is hugely close to the hearts of all at Albion Rovers, especially with Club Secretary Paul Reilly whose wife Elspeth sadly lost her battle with cancer in the early stages of last year. He intends having his head shaved in her memory at the Jock Stein Friendship Cup match at the ExselGroup Stadium on the 8th of August.
Paul commented “I told her, Elspeth, when she underwent chemo that when she lost her hair I would shave mine off too so we could match and so I could support her. It never happened because she contracted an infection after her second dose and sadly died before she lost her hair. I do it in her memory and for our two children, Andrew (16) and Eilidh (11).” “I shaved my head earlier in the year for the Dunfermline match where it was hugely supported by the fans. Everybody liked it except my daughter!”
Ahead of the collection, Paul urges all supporters to show their support for a charity that has done so much for his family and thousands across the UK who have had to deal with cancer.
He said: “Next time you walk down the street have a look around you, look at the people around you – you have just looked at someone, more than one, who either has had, has or will have cancer.
“Look in the mirror and cancer will stare back at many of you. It’s a dreadful and indiscriminate disease that affects us all in one way or another. It takes too many lives and ruins too many others as well. It doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, or anything about you. The thing is it can be beaten – there will, one day, be a cure but that will take money and effort. The Beatson not only cares for those struck with this terrible disease but provides an atmosphere where people can be treated and retain their dignity.
Paul added: “Their work is immeasurably important and must be supported by us all. It gave me and my family hope when there appeared to be none and, while we lost my beloved Elspeth, there is increasing hope for others. It is our duty to help them achieve their aim of ridding the world of cancer, one bit at a time.”
Whilst collection buckets will be going around the stadium on Tuesday night, you can also choose to donate using Paul’s JustGiving page: