RoverChat with Ross Dunlop

IMG_9173_2Since signing for the club in July 2013 Ross Dunlop has very much became a vital cog in what’s been one of the best Rovers defences in recent years, forming a formidable partnership with his elder brother Michael. We caught up with the 27 year old centre-back to find out a bit more about life whilst playing for the Rovers.

Team supported as a boy?


What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

I started playing football for my local boys club when I was seven, but even before that I was playing football all the time, hoping one day to do it professionally.

Pre-match superstitions?

Yes, a few. I get ready from the bottom up. I start off with my shin guards and socks (right sock first), then shorts, then warm up top. I go to the toilet before the warm up, before the start of the first half and at half-time. I also need to have chewing gum whilst playing.

Pre-match meals?

I don’t like to eat too much before playing. Usually I will have cereal in the morning, and maybe some Haribo or Jaffa Cakes in the dressing room before the game.

Best player you’ve played with and against?

I played against Leigh Griffifths when he was a youth at Livingston. They beat us 5-0 and he scored all five. Nobody could get close to him. I would like another go at playing against him, hopefully in the Scottish cup this year at Celtic Park.

I have played alongside many good players, however, the one that is probably the most successful would be Josh Mullin’s besty, Barry “Basher” Douglas who is currently playing in Poland with Lech Poznan.

Most embarrassing moment in a match?

When I was at Queens park we had a worked free kick that I had easy job of tapping the ball in the net after a compilation of passes. We couldn’t get it to work in training never mind a game. However, we played against Albion Rovers at Hampden and it was executed to perfection, until the finish. I was about 6 yards out, in the middle of the goal, took my touch and steadied myself, only to put it horribly past the post. My big moment at Hampden gone.

Would you want to get into management in the future?

No I don’t think management is for me. I’d think about a coaching role possibly, but I think I will just be hitting the golf course on a Saturday when I stop playing.

Who is the best player in training?


Who moans the most in the squad?

John Gemmell. Doesn’t matter what we are doing, the big man is never happy.

Who is the joker in the squad?

Ally love. We don’t really know when to take him seriously or not, especially with some of his shouts in training.  He is good for a bit of comedy.

Funniest dressing room prank in your time at Rovers?

It wasn’t really a prank, but last year we played away at East Stirling and Marc Mckenzie put on the gaffers jacket and proceeded to give a team talk in the fashion of the Gaffer. I Can’t go into any details about what was said but it had everyone in stitches.