RoverChat with Joshua Mullin

Josh Mullin in full flow

Team supported as a boy?

I grew up supporting Celtic.

What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

As young as I can remember. Whenever I see pictures of me as a kid I always had a football with me.

What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are in football?

I’d say my fitness and my pace are strengths. My weakness would probably be that I sometimes get frustrated on the park and struggle to concentrate.

What clubs have you been at?

As a youth boy I was at Rangers, Celtic, Falkirk, Airdrie and Kilburnie.

Pre-match superstitions?

I don’t really have any, I always just try think positive about the game and focus on getting the result.

Pre-match meals?

On the morning of a game I’ll wake up, have a cup of tea and some boiled eggs.

Best player you’ve played with and against?

Best player I have played with would be David McGeown, he made football looks easy. Best player against would probably be John Fleck when he joined Rangers.

Most embarrassing moment in a match?

It would have to be when I was running away to celebrate and then fell over a sponsor board.

Best chant you’ve ever heard?

Best chant has to be “Sebo Sebo”, it will never get old!

Have you ever had a chant aimed at you?

Yes, very recently actually against Dunfermline, but I’d rather not repeat the words.

Would you want to get into management in the future?

Of course I would like to get into management,I love football so it’d be something I’ll be looking to do in the future.

Who is the best player in training?

Alan Reid. He’s a great defender and always gives 110%. He’s very professional.

Who moans the most in the squad?

Most moany player is tough, it’d be between myseflf, Paul Willis and Michael Dunlop. I’ll go with Michael Dunlop, but to be fair he’s the captain and just wants the best out of the boys.

Who is the joker in the squad?

Joker in the squad is John Gemmell. He’s 30 years old but is always having craic in the dressing room.

Funniest dressing room prank?

Funniest prank goes to John Gemmell. On the day we won the league last year, he got the physios scissors and cut up Sandy Clark’s boxers. Just as well we won that day!

Where would you like to be, in terms of football, in five years time?

I’m still young and push myself in every training session and game, in five years time I’d like to be playing full-time football.