Programme Notes | Elgin City 18 August 2018

Programme Notes | Elgin City 18 August 2018

The start of the season has been really challenging, frustrating and disappointing. I can understand the emotions of the fans and support their right to express their feelings as to the disappointing run of results in the first few league games as well as the cup games. I know John and his backroom team are working tirelessly to knit an almost entirely new squad into an entertaining and successful team. The squad has been added to through four loan signings and the hope is that the team settles soon and starts to put points on the board and starts to rise up the league table. There were certainly signs in the first half at Ainslie Park on Tuesday that things were beginning to take shape on the park and I hope that continues today and we are celebrating our first win of the season at ten to five.

Fans are entitled to voice their opinions. In many cases they have supported the club home and away over a lot of years, in addition to sponsoring players, buying season tickets, attending fundraising events and so on. The fans are the lifeblood of the club and as chairman I am fully aware of that.

However, one question I would raise is how worthwhile signalling out individual players for criticism is. Let’s get behind the team and if  they underperform then the criticism should be collective: including the Board of Directors

A few people have asked me about my position. I took on the role as chairman in June 2016, 2 days after I retired after a 40-year career in education. My plan was to put my heart and soul into the job for 2 years and then hand over to someone else and start my retirement two years later than planned. The board has asked me to stay on in the meantime as interim chairman to allow more time on the decision as to my successor. When that decision is taken I will continue as a director and give the board and the new chairperson the benefit of my experience gained over the last two years. The fact we have a board of 8 is a marked improvement on having just 3 directors as there is a significant amount of work involved in running a football club these days.

In times of challenge much more can be gained from sticking together than pulling apart and I would urge all involved at the Rovers to do just that and continue to back the team.

Ronnie Boyd