Match Day Safety Policy


Albion Rovers Football Club is committed to provide the safest possible environment for spectators at Cliftonhill Stadium.

The responsibility for the safety of spectators at sports grounds lies at all times with the ground management. Stewards are part of the ground management.

It is the policy of the Club to provide sufficient qualified Stewards to promote safety, comfort and customer service within the stadium and the immediate surrounding areas for all spectators and employees.

Stewards are employed to assist with circulation of spectators, prevent overcrowding, reduce the likelihood and incident of disorder, and provide the means to investigate, report and take early action in an emergency.

In carrying out these duties, Stewards should always be aware of, and ensure the care, comfort and wellbeing of all categories of spectators.

The Club has appointed a Safety Officer, Terry Gillooly, who will ensure that the policy of the Club is fully complied with and that the Stewards are deployed in an efficient and effective manner.

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the function of all stewards and security matters within the Club.

The Safety Officer will ensure that all Stewards are suitably trained and operational control meets the criteria set out in the Club’s written policy of safety and in conjunction with recommendations published in the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds manual.

(Green Guide manual- 5th edition – 2008 and any subsequent revisions)



























This is a joint management statement between the Chief Constable of Police Scotland and Albion Rovers Football Club and is not intended to be a legal document.


Albion Rovers Football Club undertakes to provide a safe environment held at Cliftonhill Stadium and will produce written confirmation of this signed by an authorized signatory by way of providing a Match Day Safety Certificate prior to the commencement of any sporting or public event.


The list of authorized signatories currently entitled to sign the match safety certificate on behalf of Albion Rovers Football Club is Terry Gillooly, Safety Officer or Colin Woodward, Assistant Safety Officer & Club Secretary


The Chief Constable of Police Scotland or his authorized representative supported by Club Stewards undertakes to maintain public order in or at Cliftonhill stadium.


Albion Rovers Football Club undertakes to convene a pre match operational meeting involving the Chief Constable or his authorized representative and Club Officials forty eight hours prior to any football event in order to define roles, personnel levels and responsibilities.


Albion Rovers Football Club recognizes that the ultimate control at any football event will rest with the Senior Police officer on duty.


Terry Gillooly

Safety Officer

1st February 2019