Interview with John Brogan

INTERVIEW | John Brogan

Yesterday, John was announced as the new manager of the club, we caught up with him on his first day at Cliftonhill.


What attracted you to apply for the job?


“First of all, I am delighted to be here. It’s an area I know very well and of course it was my first club. Also, it has the community at its roots and there are many great people around the club who help out.”


“I am hoping that I can bring real experience to the role, which was maybe missing last year. I have been on this side of the game for the last 30 odd years, so I feel there is a great base of knowledge there. Hopefully, I can add something a wee bit different than we have had before.”


What can we expect?


“The team I am hoping to build will be flexible, at this level it is really important to have boys who can play maybe that extra position and fill in when needed. I want to sign players who are hungry for success, and really want to pave their way in the game. Desire is huge for me and is one of the key attributes I look for in a player.”


“I have spoken with Ronnie and I fully understand the funds available, I know that we aren’t going to pay the same type of wages as last season, but we will work around this. Work is going on constantly behind the scenes to restructure and better the club.”


“I have already spoken to numerous players before taking the role, I know a lot of hard-working players who are very interested in coming to the club. I have already had great interest from players who have left other senior clubs in the higher divisions. Also, I have some junior level players who are really keen to join up.”


What is the objective for the upcoming season?


“Firstly, making sure the club is in good shape. In terms of the league campaign, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be aiming for the title. You are always in it to win it and coming down from League 1, it is an aim that is certainly not impossible.”


John also spoke about how important fan engagement is and will be holding a “Meet the Manager” night on Thursday 31 May. It will take place in the Lounge at the stadium at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome.


John was speaking to Ben Kearney and Daniel Mossie.

Image/Words by Ben Kearney.