Darren’s Verdict

Following Tuesday night’s painful defeat at home to Clyde, Darren Young spoke to the media.


“I felt we were the better team and probably had the better chances,

“We passed the ball well and created enough chances to win the game and were probably unlucky not to be in front at halftime.

“Then we finally got the goal with great play from Wallace and a great run from Ross then…we lost that goal.

“A couple of our boys went to press the boy and he strikes it and it stays struck!

“We got back into it again and had a couple of wee chances and then we had the shot and he saves it and Wallace kicked it over the bar and 10 seconds later they are up the park and by all accounts it was never a penalty.

“Mark Ferry is as honest as they come and he says he never touched him and he slid in front and never touched him.

“And you could see the reaction from six , or seven of our players sprinted to the referee and that is usually a wee giveaway.

“But we should never have been in that position – we should’ve had the game dead and buried.”

He added of the next fixture at Kilmarnock: “It is going to be a hard game, we will go and look to give a good account of ourselves.

“We will look to go and enjoy ourselves and take the game to Kille. But again we are disappointed especially losing a penalty in the last minute which was never a penalty.

“But maybe the DVD will say different, but according to my dressing room the only person who saw that as a penalty was the ref.”