Darren’s Verdict


Following Rovers point gained at home to Greenock Morton, Darren Young spoke to the media. 

“Defensively, as a unit we limited them to just a few chances. Especially in the second-half, I don’t think they actually recorded a single shot on target in fact.

“We also had one or two little penalty claims. I think the first claim was a penalty actually, the goalkeepers not got to the ball and I think McBride got his foot to it first.”

“Overall though I’m pretty pleased with certain aspects of the game. We obviously got a point so I’m happy with that side of things, going forward I think we’re still lacking that killer touch or just that little bit of quality, but that will come as sharpness increases.”

“Again though, we were playing against full-time opposition today and we got a draw so we can’t be too critical. It’s a good platform to kick on for the next few weeks of the competition and rest of the season.”

“As a team we’re pretty solid defensively, it’s now just about getting that middle to front working. We had young Ryan Wallace who came in and has injured his ankle this week and was out today. We’ve pretty much signed a new striker in Ross Stewart but just couldn’t get that in on time, so we were without two forward thinking players today. ”

“On Tuesday at Berwick, big Ross will definitely be available, Ryan we’re not so sure just yet.”

“In terms of the changes to the League Cup format, it’s something different isn’t it. We’ll see at the end of the competition how it all pans out, if it’s been a worthwhile change, if it’s been good for the fans or not.

“What it does give fans though is excitement, it’s a good way to finish the games and means there will always be a winner. Although, it may be a possibility that the Premiership teams might just use the matches as a way to just get sharp.”

“What this game has done for us though is give our boys a reminder of how hard they need to work to reach that consistent level. They were facing a very decent Championship side in Morton so they’ll now understand the level they’ll need to be at if they are to step-up to another level – something I feel quite a few of those boys could do if they continue to work hard.”

He concluded: “Overall though, we’ve got to take the positives, it was our first clean sheet of the season, we managed to get a point, so it was a good test for the boys.”