Darren’s Update

It may be the end of season break for many at Albion Rovers Football Club, but there’s no rest for manager Darren Young, who is already well underway for next seasons preparations. He spoke to the media on how his side are shaping up for next season as we look to consolidate and expand as a club next season.


“We’re confident that we can get most of these boys signed up.

“It’s a tight budget that we’re working with. We know that and we understand that.

“We want to keep the solid base that we have in defence and midfield and we know where we need to get guys in.

“One or two of our guys have done exceptionally well and you would expect other clubs to show interest and come in with offers.”

“We’ve offered everyone deals, and we want to keep that core of the squad together that have served us so well,” Young said.

“We’ve offered them the best deals that we can, and if they want to sign on again then brilliant. “They know what they’re getting here, it’s a great dressing room with a great spirit, but sometimes money talks.

“You want to keep these guys for a reason, and you would love to give everybody a pay rise of an extra £20 or £30 a week, but the reality is if we go and give 17 or 18 guys even an extra tenner a week, then we’re losing a player from the squad.

“That’s the black and white of it. Players laugh and joke saying ‘it’s only a tenner gaffer’, and it might not be much to them, but it’s a lot to us when it comes to what size of squad we can have.

“Don’t get me wrong, they probably all deserve it, but at the same time it makes such a massive difference to our budget.

“The boys know that the grass isn’t always greener though, so I hope that most of them can stay.”