Chairman’s Comments – Pre Match Albion Rovers v Stranraer FC

We are now looking forward to two matches in two days due to our game against St Johnstone in the Scottish Cup being postponed twice due to adverse weather conditions. Firstly, because the pitch was covered in 3 separate heavy falls of snow and then due to a rapid thaw and heavy rain the pitch was water logged in a few places.

The effort that went into saving these games was heroic and on behalf of the club I would like to pay tribute to all who gave up their time to lend a hand. We tried your best but the conditions won in the end.

I have been a long-time supporter of summer football and this was only strengthened as I watched over 40 volunteers work for hours to shift snow form the park and then a few days try their best to clear lying water from the far side of the pitch. In my view common sense would dictate a move to playing football In Scotland when the law of averages shows that the number of matches that would be lost because of the weather would be significantly reduced if we played our football in spring, summer and autumn instead of in the teeth of the winter elements. However, common sense and Scottish football rarely occupy the same room so I won’t be holding my breath for change soon.

The feeling among the volunteers was great: a real sense of volunteering and community spirit was tangible. Several of those who came along to help would not describe themselves as Rovers diehards but came along to help their local team in a time of need. It was great to see St Johnstone fans turn out as well as workers from one of our sponsors, Cut n Blo Landscaping Services.

It is this sense of volunteers helping to keep the club going which will be one of my highlight memories when I look back on my two years as Rovers’ chairman when I stand down at the end of the season. There are many such people at the club and they are the backbone of the and the heartbeat of Albion Rovers. They quietly work away without fuss behind the scenes. If I have achieved anything in my time as chairman it has only been down to their efforts. Football at our level depends on people like them at every club. Sometimes I wonder if that fact is appreciated by those who run our game nationally.
I will never forget their support, help and advice.

Ronnie Boyd