Chairman’s Chat: New Season

Chairman Ronnie Boyd sent a letter to all Albion Rovers supporters ahead of the new season.

Willie Linn 2

Dear Rovers supporters,

I  have been a lifelong Albion Rovers supporter and have a vague memory of being taken along to Cliftonhill by my father, also Ronnie Boyd, in the early 1960’s.  However, my first clear Rover’s memory was of a game against Morton, Saturday’s opponents, in 1964.  The Rover’s lost 2-1 to the all-conquering Greenock side in the old second division. Of course we played Morton off the park and their 2 goals were clearly off-side!  I am balanced in most things – but not when it comes to my team – the Rovers.

It is hard to believe we are kicking off a competitive season on 16th July.  I have memories of watching football until the end of April and then spending the summer months renewing my thirst for the season to start again in early August.  However, we at Albion Rovers are always open to new ideas and we welcome the innovation that the new Betfred and Irn Bru cup formats give to Scottish football.  I think that these kind of ideas are worth trying to get fans talking about the game in our country and also coming to matches in larger numbers.

We have many assets at the Rovers and today I would like to mention just a few of these.  Firstly, our fan base is extremely loyal and gives the team excellent backing both home and away.  Many of those fans also go the extra mile by supporting the club shop, helping maintain the ground and generally doing everything behind the scenes.  Please know that the Club appreciates and recognises your efforts.  Secondly, and lastly for now, I would like to mention the success on the park achieved by players, managers and coaches over the last four or five years.

Play-off victories, promotions, a championship win and the longest cup run for 80 years have made this period the most successful in the club’s history.  These are our memories for the future.

The professionalism shown by Darren, Billy, Tony and the players over the last two seasons has been outstanding and I am sure will lead to another successful season at Cliftonhill.  They have had us punching above our weight on the field and I am sure will continue to do so in a year which has seen the rise of the underdog in football.

All the best for season 2016/17

Ronnie Boyd

Interim Chairperson