ARFC Club Statement

Further to yesterday’s SPFL disciplinary hearing:

Albion Rovers regret the registration error that precipitated the removal of the club from the Irn Bru cup. We would like to state “it was an honest mistake” and we have since tightened up on administration procedures.

We are naturally disappointed the club will not be progressing to the next round and would like to take this time to apologise to the players and fans for the offence that took place..

In accordance with paragraph 14.4 of the Judicial Panel Protocol, there is no right of appeal in respect of the decision taken by the Tribunal to annul the match.

Accepting and respecting this ruling the club would like to move on and effect more positive outcomes in the future, we  thank everyone for their support during a challenging time.

The club looks forward to successful season and thanks all our fans for their continued support.

Albion Rovers FC