Albion Rovers FC Fans Consultation

Albion Rovers FC are embarking on a series of activities to review its vision and prioritise its objectives for the club.

In previous years the Rovers board had developed plans, but these have been more internally focussed. The board recognised that the club needed to widen the conversation about its priorities and increase participation in any review process, in order to ensure that the aims and objectives of Albion Rovers FC are formed from a shared vision, collated from the views of all those having an interest in ensuring a positive future for the club, especially its supporters.

It is recognised that engagement with supporters throughout any review process is critical for its success. The club aim to begin a supporters’ consultation exercise which will include:-

  • A seminar, to be held in the Stadium’s lounge area,
    open to all Rovers supporters to attend;
  • The session will begin with short presentations by David Douglas, Chief Executive and Brian Kerr club manager, followed by a variety of group discussions chaired by Alison McGowan, ARFC Trust chair, on topics including:
  • Where are we now?
  • What is working well?
  • What requires to change?
  • We will also look to the future to confirm where we want to be and, more importantly, how we get there?
  • What contribution can you make? Sign the pledge to help in IT/Match day/Social Media/ Fundraising/Ground upkeep/Admin…
    any skill or time you have that can help the Rovers stay strong.
  • The club’s manager, Brian Kerr, will also make himself available for supporters to question how the team are doing
  • An online survey, will give all supporters an opportunity to participate in the consultation exercise, including those unable to attend consultation event.


The consultation event will be led by new Albion Rovers Supporters’ Trust Chair, Alison McGowan with David Douglas, Albion Rovers Chief Executive and Brian Kerr, Albion Rovers FC Manager held on the lounge part of the stadium at 7pm on Wednesday 16th August.

The questionnaire will be available on line from Friday 18th August.

No need to register your interest for the evening event on August 16th.
Simply come along.
David Douglas | Chief Executive Albion Rovers FC