RoverTalk with Ross Gilmour


Team supported as a boy?

Man United.

What age did you know you wanted to be a footballer?

As far back as I can remember.

What would you say your strengths are in football?

Defending and crossing.

What clubs have you been at?

Dundee United, East Stirling and now Albion Rovers

Pre-match superstitions?

Can’t say I have any superstitions.

Pre-match meals?

Chicken and rice usually.

Best player you’ve played with and against?

I played with Ryan Gauld at Dundee United and I used to get the ball and give it to him and he’d do the rest. Calum Paterson at Hearts was a handful to play against he was strong and fast.

Most embarrassing moment in a match?

Being nutmegged in a game is never nice.

Best chant you’ve ever heard?

Best chant I have ever heard was a Shire one. “We are all going on a magic mushroom trip. We are going to watch the shire high as f**k. ” It took me by surprise this one.

Would you want to get into management in the future?

Yeah I would enjoy a management role when I stop playing this is something that interests me.

Who is the best player in training?

The best player in training is wee Boydy from Hamilton after his goal the other night. A thirty yard volley across the keepers far post.

Who moans the most in the squad?

Willis, hands down.

Who is the joker in the squad?

Fisher is always up to something.

Funniest dressing room prank in your career so far?

Getting deep heat in the boxers gets the best reactions.

Where would you like to be, in terms of football, in five years time?

In five years i hope to still be fit and playing every week for the Rovers in the Scottish Premiership!